Strategic Communications

Expanding Cloud Footprint

One biggest challenge in the modern world is the overwhelming digital information to be archived. Many operating company’s databases are running out of space. To retrieve more data storages, the companies expand their data centers through cloud computing system.

Cloud computing is a virtual service that operates in computing resources, which provides users with a configurable network sharing. Instead of investing in building a new server for expanding corporate’s data center, corporates can contact cloud provider to get a personalized service. In daily life, we step into the cloud computing universe when sharing a file with friends in Google Drive, or when involving in open-source learning management system such as Canvas platform used by Columbia University.

As we can see more cloud footprint in our daily life, the future market trend is getting obvious. Gartner’s forecast for 2011-2017 in IBM website predicted that 50 percent of enterprises will have hybrid clouds by 2017. This shifting trend invites more big players to compete in cloud computing market. IBM, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, VMWare, Red Hat, and Oracle Cloud are the examples of widely-recognized cloud providers.

To market their product and services to the potential or existing clients, the suppliers of cloud services are expanding their footprints in a set of communication strategies. IBM, for example, is demonstrating their credibility by creating a specific press kit page on their websites. Under the “IBM Cloud Computing” category, their latest updates come in three communication elements: Flickr presentation, Youtube video, and news releases.

IBM also pays special attention in visual aids, particularly trough Youtube. Their official corporate account IBM has a specific category about cloud computing, with a short introduction statement about “how IBM is deploying cloud computing to rethink IT, reinvent and transform business.” Additionally, they created another account for IBM Cloud Computing to channel deeper explanation on expert advise, IBM Clouds marketplace, and IBM SaaS (Software as Service). As per this blog post is written, the account has already earned 9,316 subscribers.

IBM targeting business-to-business market segment to secure their private cloud computing system. Their clients vary from government services, private sectors, to nonprofit organizations.  In March 2016, IBM launched news release about partnership with Guiding Eyes For Blind, a non-profit organization focused on training and placement of service dog for people who are blind or visually impaired. The organization work includes a comprehensive data management to identify qualities in dogs such as medical records, genetic mapping, and questionnaire documents.

One of the Youtube campaigns for this partnership featured a story with titled “Jackson: An IBM data story”. In the video, a dog named Jackson were trained in a supportive and professional environment, as his learning development is recorded. Through its impressive and neat execution, IBM delivers the message about Cloud implementation in enhancing organizational interest to meet its customer’s needs. Since I think IBM did not get specific in highlighting their partnership story before 2016, this marketing effort with Guiding Eyes could be an exemplary good for their campaign in the future.


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