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How To Live A Balance Life

I’ve got a midnight power. Not sure either it comes from over-doze caffeine from two cup coffee (one instant, one blended) that I sipped for the last 12 hours, nor from the Forum for Indonesia internal training that enlightened my way to find my ‘personal mastery’, nor from the Gadjah Mada Chamber Orchestra 5th anniversary party that pretty entertaining, nor from the overwhelming responses of my previous post about my friend’s love story. Apparently all mixed.

It might also be the excitement of today’s Rectoverso movie meet and greet that I am being placed as event management team. Though honesty when this sacred hybrid-child of mother alien Dee announced to be released as movie, I was quite annoyed. Hundreds hipsters will born. Claiming how long they have been in aDEEction and quoting, meanwhile when you get to discuss more about cosmic coincidence, they don’t know because they aren’t interested enough in reading Supernova. Fish!


I don’t know.

I just want to write it down before fall asleep and find myself in another Sunday morning. Cause soon when the weekdays start again, the freelance working shift will cost my time, the sudden call from campus for preparing an international conference project will cost my dedication, the pop-writing projects will cost my ideas, the thesis proposal will cost my intelectual property, the intensive training for grand concert will cost my energy, the organizational meeting and brainstorming will cost my strategy. My hectic schedule will call the alarm and pooof… all the mind-hustle bustle like this will forgotten. Thank God I am not allocating space to experience another broken heart this recent time!

Since young, I am deeply aware that I have tendency of too much burdening myself with responsibility, but I have to. When it comes to choice, there is nothing you can do but enjoy every single step you take.

People get to do good things for good reasons. The good reasons is just sometimes not giving them a good life.

I am not saying we, busy people, are miserable. What we need to consider is manage a balance life.

Down here is some Yin and Yang that I think we probably need to give it a shot. At least in an upcoming week:

1. Try something new – grab something old.

When iPhone 5 came up to market and Sony Xperia Z challenge to be head-to-head competitior, people who obviously aware will internalize a thought about wanting that freaking gadget. But an image of Nokia 3310 is getting a special period in memory about that old time.

Same analogy here.

Personalize your timezone. Do new thing for improvement, if one fail then move to another new one. But take a time to memorize what you and your people used to do? Why it is no longer here? Is it possible to redo it all over again?

Then maybe after move forward and backward, you’ll find a pattern for the old habits in the new environment. Maybe.

2. Learn how to be mean – Don’t forget how to be kind

You might spend more time working in front of computer or machine, but you do work with people. To survive in a real world, self discipline is not enough if the other you are working with is not. Try to make them adjust your discipline standard, be mean, even if that’s your close friend or even if that’s your boss! Note in mind that such a law also applied for you if you too.

But don’t be a Darth Vader. Don’t lose your kindness. People are people, we all need affection and smoothness. Offer help. Eliminate expectation. Just making friend just like children! Now you can come back to your fantasy world. You can be anyoooone. Bonding will not effective under threat of mean people. Adjust situation. Be funny and weird when the time allows. Now people will see that you’re also human.

3. Feed the brain – empower the body

Human is the best creature God ever creates. There is brain to set all things up. There is body to do all things down. Be just!

Feed your brain. There is a reason why school is like forever. We need continuous education. Read some heavy materials. Reference books, article, news, etc. Discuss with your colleges. Take a break with some lighter materials. Read some art, cooking, fashion, or maybe gossip thingy. Make something funny about it.

Then when sitting down is already too long, stand up and do a small exercise. Walk, jump, run, dance, even hand-washing your clothes. Sweat and dirt are acceptable. That would make your cleaning-up effort more satisfying.

4. Travel to more developing area – reach remote places

Traveling is a strong temptation, especially when we are growing up. Go traveling! Not because other people do it, but because you need it! You need to step somewhere else, see some different places, listen to some other voices, speak to strangers, touch another ground.

Go uplift your life! Take a random walk in pedestrian way or MRT in developed country. Go to mall. Watch concert. Meet famous people. Observe business district. Enter public places that funded by people taxes. Learn new system.

Keep your feet on earth. Travel to small place you need doubled-zoom on map. Sit in public transportation. Hold your cough. Get used to traffic. Turn off your gadgets. Learn local dialect. Go to traditional market. Speak to oldies. Play with children. Let yourself far from shower and electricity.

Then maybe when you’re going back home, you’ll find why your home is home.

5. Learn to forgive – Learn to forget

Failure is inevitable. No one can escape from sneezing, just like no one can escape from failing. Give a time for anger and denial, but then you have to move on. As long as it’s not being used as continues excuse, forgive people, forgive yourself.

Then time will slowly passes by, and what doesn’t need to be remember just don’t! Forget all the unimportant trashes. But be careful, forget the feeling, not the scars. Sometimes it needs to be there to make sure you won’t make it wider.

6. Work and making food with family – Eating with friends

Allocate special time to go shopping for household thingy. Then make an agreement with family, long day before, to get one day free. Look, the wall need to have new color. The room position is so yesterday. Or we need a new family photo. Get work done, while some other baking a cake.

When the work done, invite friends come to adore your family team work, introduce people in your circle to family and vise versa, let them help to finish up the work (yes you can turn on the music that you guys love now, in case previously was so quite because none of your family share the same genre) then sit together to eat, talk, and laugh.

7. Talk to God – Let God talk to you

Even though we can find God anywhere, make a special appointment with God. You alone. Talk to God in silence, throw it all.

Then in the same silence, let God talk to you, inside you.

These are, my friends… maybe will make no difference for those who do not trust. But different story applied otherwise. This is my pathway to seek for a balance life. A gentle reminder if somewhere I forget. I hope you find yours, too. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How To Live A Balance Life

  1. Gaga says:

    Shofi? Kawan Oyek kan? Tulisan2 e bagus… bikin ku tambah sadar kalo orang2 bangka tu emang … emmm… Ape ok… Ahhh… sukses bailah pokok e. 🙂

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