Foundation of New Media: Does The Audience Deserves The Free Information?

Since 2000 the newspaper industry has shrunk. The publisher lost $7 in print advertising for every $1 they earned from the web.[1] The accessibility of new media, particularly on internet makes people easily get the news without pay for a single newspaper.

The definition of media became larger, not only covered printed materials, but also virtual content. Washington Post, Time are now integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Amazon account. The following action also happens at Indonesia. News media uses internet to engage with readers. People get the information for free.

This phenomenon shows us that competition with the change of technology is inevitable. As a consequences, media has to cover the lost of profit from printed paper. This is purely the responsibility of the media that have nothing to do with audience. The demand for innovation and creativity are increased. They could gain advertisement to survive.

Just like radio. People predict sit would be disappear after television booming. But the fact is radio adopt and cover more field rather than only audio-broadcast. That what makes it survive. Moreover, there are a significant number of loyal audiences that appreciates radio and newspaper in physical appearance, not only the content. So does the newspaper.

In the other hand, other audience deserves free information because the commercial value of information relies on how hard people get that. If Bob Woordward and Carl Bernstein struggled high to investigate the Watergate scandal, at this time the technology help the journalist to make their work easier. They can easily go to Google to find articles rather than goes to library. They can find someone’s contact on LinkedIn rather than looking at yellow pages just what Woordward and Bernstein did. So i think the value of information on this era has changed. So does the media system to support their financial needs. Therefore the interest of media to gain profit should not affect the need of people to access the information for free.


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