Defining The Commemoration of Independence Day In Cross-Generation


For the 236 years of independence, USA has grows to be a superpower country that contained a wide range of diversity. The reflection of diversity showed up on The USA Independence celebration at Minnetrista Park, Muncie, Indiana (4/7/12).

Muncie resident gathered on one cultural center at 102-degree heat evening for the fireworks. Most of the resident bring up their family to this place to celebrate the holiday.

People tend to spend the quality time with family. Keep the tradition that strengthening the bonding in 4th of July. A 42 years old mother, Carol Bull, said while sat down on the grass and watched people playing Frisbee, “it’s important to celebrate with your family to remember the meaning of holiday, why you celebrating it.”

Over 100 families from different ages, races, and religion assembled in one spot. Minnetrista offers an extravagant concept to enjoy the combination of nature and local history at one moment. Like the previous year, this 2012 independence day celebration also colored by the musical performance from America’s Hometown Band.

“I want my children to see not just Anglo Americans, but to see everybody that is in our community, we got a rich community here,” said Dustin Smith (34) while watched his son playing around.

It is important for some families to have a cross-generation communication about what 4th of July means. How the freedom celebrated in a day out. Smith, continually, said that he loves the celebration because it is the symbol of what they have been given as a nation to living free. In a patriotic way, he felt glad for having an opportunity to live the way the USA people wants to live.

Dustin Smith and Carol Bull are two of a thousand head of family that being grateful for their freedom. And this value would keep going trough the young generation in a very diverse nation under the blue-white-red USA flag. Parents tend to transfer the understanding about diversity to their children by social interaction in the 4th of July celebration. That was the moment when they talk about the idea of freedom trough cross-generation communication. Therefore, children wished to be able to define freedom under their own definition.

Between the various kind of differences, it was so glad knowing that families celebrate the similarities. Like what Bull said, it is the meaning of being together. (Shofi)


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