Inner Thought


10 inches monitor stands straight on the center of the room and I, so effortlessly happy. Separating what is important and what is not. De-cluttering the database and make it seems like CIA even if it is not.

Day was too crowded. Night was too full. What was in between was way too much to hold. But I just didn’t care. Cultivating files and watch them multiplied. Till they filled my bathtub, lingered on my clothes, bounced at my ceiling, melted on my breakfast. Monsters. They ran out of space, I ran out of time. We run. To the prosecution.

Deleting photos. Deleting songs. Deleting videos. Deleting files whatsoever.

This is the time where playing hide and seek like is a heinous crime.

I rhapsodized. And there are the words, hanging on the air. They have no time to say goodbye. I know I win.

10 inches monitors still buzzing around and I, still de-cluttering the memories.

source: google image



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