Short Stories

Summer Crush

Yes he’s like a summer breeze. Raise a lady up early morning to wait for him on the breakfast hall. Make her eat slowly till the scramble egg become cold, and so does the seat. She said the seat is for someone, every time people ask to sit next to her. He hasn’t wake up yet, she said to herself while erasing dew outside the glass. And when he comes into the hall, it’s like the room getting warmer. She finds her ease. She drinks her half-empty-glass of orange juice, get up to the refill table to pretend a single surprise face and say hello. Then he smiles. She does think he is the cutest things ever happen this morning, even though the hair still disheveled. Oh no, that’s make him perfect even more. Together they talk about how the sleep last night, is it good, is it comfort, is it too cold. Anything, she doesn’t really pay attention to the conversation, the only thing she knows is she demanding more and more to hear that voice. When he asks who take the seat in front of her, she said no one, you can seat right over there.

Yes she’s like a summer wind. Naturally bring the fresh air in every corner he meets her. Sweep the clouds away. Every time she’s around, someone plays Caro Emerald’s song in his head. Unconsciously, he really wants to dance with her. No people, no rules, no overwhelmed, just her and him. And the song. And maybe the night sky. She’s the light on every candle. And still be the light when the sun rises up. She likes mint candy, he assume, because when they talk closer he barely hold on to smell her breath. It feels good. Really good. So he runs to the closest 7eleven and buy lots of mint candy. Fill up his pocket and bag with them and walk to the lobby. People wait for the bus, they’re gonna have the city tour today. He looks around, not yet finds her. Then he gets quickly into the bus and pick up the back right side, beside the window. He took his bag to the seat next to him; plug the white earphone without turn on the music player. He is quite nervous. When the lady whom he waits is already there, he pulls off the earphone. Waving a ‘hi, you can seat here if you want’. And when she takes the seat, he give her a sweet mint candy.

“I’ve sunshine enough to spread. It’s like the fella said. Tell me quick.. Ain’t love like a kick in the head “ (Frank Sinatra, Ain’t That a Kick in The Head)

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